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A home for every kind of dream.

New Directions offers housing assistance for people with limited or no income, and for seniors and those with physical and mental disabilities. 

You’ll need to provide evidence that you qualify for the type of housing you’re applying for. See below for details and listings of available properties.

How To Apply

All applicants will need government-issued photo ID, birth certificate, and social security cards for all those who will live in the apartment.

Housing options are always limited, so we encourage you to apply for multiple apartment communities. 

Historic Parkland Properties

Call our main line at 502-589-2272

Market Street Properties


Brandeis Apartments

925 South 26th St.


Jackson Woods Apartments

1029 S Jackson Street


Muhammad Ali Historical Properties

1500, 1502, 1508, 1600 W Muhammad Ali Boulevard

Call our main line at 502-589-2272