Asset & Property Management


Daily commitment to excellence in property management means daily stewardship of much-needed housing located throughout Louisville and in New Albany, Indiana. 

New Directions is committed to neighborhood capacity building, family self-sufficiency and regional community development.  Its locally recruited board of directors presents diversity in experience and background to ensure long term facility and financial viability as relates to 20 housing entities that together provide over 1,000 affordable rental units which shelter more than 2,000 residents.

New Directions also developed and now provides third-party property management for the not-for-profit partner WellSpring, Inc. which has enabled another 49 units that provide both housing and on-site social services to another 55 persons with disabilities.  Visit Wellspring.

Benefits to residents living in New Directions properties include affordability provided through embedded rental subsidies or below-market rental structures and proximity to public transportation, retail services and educational opportunities.

New Directions leveraged housing assistance programs bring nearly $7 million in HUD Housing Assistance Program rental subsidies to Louisville’s families to help families of low wealth avoid housing crisis and homelessness.

Seven on-site Learning Centers serve youth or adults in lifelong learning and resident services.  New on-site gardens and wellness provision are expanding across New Directions sites, too!

Historic and architecturally significant neighborhood landmarks are carefully managed to preserve essential housing and to encourage families to succeed. Our team's commitment begins the moment a prospective resident walks through our doors, and continues as our staff commits to the goal of providing clean, safe, affordable, quality housing for families of low-income.

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Renew, recycle, redevelop — rejoice!

New Directions is committed to new financial partnerships that enable redevelopment and site renewal of housing properties developed by the agency’s founders. 

Since 2009, 165 units have been completely renovated at six landmark properties which injected $14 million into building trades locally. 

Local jobs, local skills … it’s part of the New Directions story.