Lifelong Learning Center

Empowered adults and seniors find allies through New Directions Lifelong Learning Services at four Learning Centers located in both elderly and multifamily housing communities.  Lifelong Learning Services are specifically designed to attract young parents and older, disabled residents living in the Phoenix Hill, California, Limerick, and Russell neighborhoods.


All on-site Learning Centers are equipped with computer labs, called Neighborhood Network Centers, that provide new technologies to the seniors, children, and their families.

Residents teach each other computer skills in the safety of Neighborhood Network Labs located just a few steps from their apartments. This education generates employment opportunities, allows residents to stay up-to-date with on-line advancements of banks, retailers, and other businesses, and enables them to communicate using technology. 

By introducing online activities such as email, Facebook, and Skype, residents can be reconnected to faraway family members.  This communication reduces isolation, bridges intergenerational gaps, and enriches lives. 


For more information about Youth Learning Centers, 
please call (502) 589-2272.