Learning Centers

New Directions believes that the foundation of community is supporting each other and working together towards success. Learning Centers located within the community provide a place to build and foster residents' growth and skills, regardless of their age.

All on-site Learning Centers are equipped with computer labs that provide new technologies to the seniors, children and their families.

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Youth Learning Centers

New Directions celebrates the talents of children who live in our housing communities and their surrounding neighborhoods with a positive youth development strategy within our after-school program and summer camp.

In Louisville's Shelby Park, Newburg, California, and Shawnee neighborhoods, staff and volunteers provide homework help and enriching activities for elementary and middle school-aged youth during after-school hours and summer. An emphasis is placed on homework completion as well as providing educational activities and lessons to supplement school work.

Throughout the week, Monday-Friday 3:00-7:00 p.m., staff and volunteers help kids complete homework every night.  Tens of thousands of hours of supervised study have already been accomplished, and six-week summer program ensure that our kids learn through field trips and daily study. Mentors are able to identify children at risk of academic failure, and solutions are positive, volunteer-enriched and proactive.  

Public and private resources also enable New Directions to offer employment to residents through the Learning Center's Neighborhood Mentor staff position in Youth Services

Enroll your child today!

If your child would benefit from the Youth Learning Centers, contact the Resident Services department today. You can find the After School Registration Packet below.

Afterschool Registration Packet


Lifelong Learning Centers

Empowered adults and seniors find allies through New Directions Lifelong Learning Services at three Learning Centers located in both senior and multifamily housing communities.  Lifelong Learning Services are specifically designed to attract young parents and older, disabled residents living in the Phoenix Hill, California, and Russell neighborhoods.

The Lifelong Learning Centers give residents access to computers to assist them in building computer skills, finding employment opportunities, retrieving pertinent information, and staying in touch with family and friends. Resident Services staff also utilize the Learning Centers for programming such as group sessions on education, financial stability, workforce readiness, and health and wellness as well as community building events and activities. Community partners are often invited to facilitate these informational sessions and group activities.

Volunteer with us!

We welcome you to share your skills and talents by volunteering with Resident Services through our Youth Learning Centers or Lifelong Learning Centers. There is always a need for volunteers to assist children with homework, lead activities for youth, organize group sessions for adults, and much more.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer form.