New Directions' repair affair kicks-off with two amazing days of service!

Through Repair Affair, New Directions annually helps over 150 low-income elderly and disabled homeowners by leveraging funds raised to purchase materials for over 1,500 volunteers.  

Repair Affair Event Days

Saturday, June 6 in Southern Indiana and Saturday, June 13 in Louisville.

41 homes have been repaired by over 600 volunteers after two amazing Repair Affair event days! Repairs continue throughout the summer as youth teams and local organizations use Repair Affair as a team-building experience. Follow the progress through Facebook and Twitter!

To learn more about the impact of Repair Affair, check out Ruthie's story:

Make Community Happen!

New Directions Housing Corporation develops and maintains affordable housing and helps to create vital communities in partnership with neighborhoods and other stakeholders. Safe, affordable housing is the bedrock to family and neighborhood stability.  Over 1,800 people reside in New Directions affordable housing.  Families with young children and elderly residents benefit from our seven on-site Learning Centers. Caring teachers, nurses and tutors at New Directions Learning Centers provide residents a welcoming environment to learn and grow.   Our transitional shelter, Heverin House, reaches homeless families in greatest need.

We strengthen neighborhoods one home at a time. Repair Affair arms compassionate volunteers with building materials to meet the home repair needs of economically disadvantaged elderly and disabled homeowners who are often coping with dangerous conditions.  By repairing these homes Repair Affair helps Kentuckiana families hold onto the homes they love.

We engage grassroots leaders, who lead the effort to increase safety and security in Kentuckiana's neighborhoods.  Working closely with local government, New Directions targets vacant and abandoned properties for demolition, clean up, and even renovation & reuse!  Our green and sustainable efforts have created three large community gardens to transform empty spaces into powerful teaching tools and healthy resources for the future.