Opening doors.

repair affair

We know the perfect place for you: Your home.

One of our most popular programs, Repair Affair makes critical improvements to homes of the elderly or disabled, allowing them to stay in their homes longer. Too often, long-term residents of a neighborhood are left out of any revitalization project. We want them to be part of that revitalization, to benefit from it rather than to be victimized by it. 

Powered by volunteers and donations, Repair Affair provides free home repair for homeowners 60 and over or with a verified disability who own and live in their home, and make less than 50% of the Area Median Income ($27,150 for a one-person household). 

3 men tears down an old shed

Call 502-371-4906 for an application, or print this PDF. Applicants must submit proof of their current income, provide a copy of their driver’s license, and sign the work agreement form on the application. Free copies of these documents can be made at the New Directions office, 1617 Maple St., Louisville, Kentucky, 40210. (Note: There is no guarantee of service. The skill level of our volunteer groups dictates what and how much work we can do.)