Opening doors.

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What We Do

We’re in this for good.

New Directions’ mission is to develop and maintain affordable housing and vital communities in partnership with neighborhoods and other stakeholders.

We seek to achieve that mission through our core services: the management of affordable rental properties, increasing the number of available properties particularly in Louisville’s West End, our home repair programs, and building community by being tireless advocates for neighborhood residents. 

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Property Management & Resident Services

New Directions’ flagship service is the management of affordable rental properties available to individuals, families, seniors, and those with disabilities.

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Real-Estate Development

Our Real Estate Development program’s goal is to increase and preserve affordable housing, primarily in Louisville’s West End neighborhoods.

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Home Repair

Our home repair programs make life-changing home improvements for the elderly and disabled.

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Community Building and Engagement

Building community requires the engagement of people. At New Directions, we know that our role in successful neighborhood revitalization is that of a friend and facilitator.

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Goals and Commitments

Our favorite directions: onward and upward

Our work isn’t done when a family finally gets a decent place to call home. We don’t quit when an elderly or disabled person’s home is improved, allowing them to continue living there. Some of our neighbors will always be in need, and our goal will be to help them. 

But we are committed to more than just getting people into affordable housing. We are dedicated to creating a path from homelessness and insufficient housing to something empowering, whether it’s renting an apartment independently or even owning a home.

1,678 Residents

now living in our communities.

3,787 Homes

repaired by Repair Affair.


more housing units are needed.

Building confidence home by home.


Community gardens feed the body and soul.