We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill

Volunteers play a pivotal role at New Directions.  Volunteers are restoring homes and rekindling hope.  They take action!

Last year alone over 1,700 rallied to aid elderly and disabled homeowners hold onto their homes by making essential repairs that enhance safety and security. New Directions volunteers are building gardens--and teaching kids about vegetables and self confidence. They make hunger go away.

New Directions volunteers build, file, paint, sing, design, think, try, pray and plan together to revitalize neighborhoods. Daily, they prove that when we pull together ... apply a small amount of faith and pour on the compassion, we can move mountains!

Hey, join the fun!  By VOLUNTEERING to lend your time, hands and heart we improve lives. We value every volunteer who is willing to contribute.   Regardless of your skill level, gender, age, or the amount of time you can give, we have a volunteer opportunity waiting for you!

Whether you are a new or experienced volunteer, we can connect you to a meaningful opportunity to make a difference.

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Running Errands
Making Lunches
Writing Thank-you Notes
Administrative Help
Stuffing Envelopes
Hands-on Repair Technicians