Home Ownership Preservation

Home ownership must be preserved to protect our communities and foster safer and economically confident neighborhoods. Part of preserving this share of the American Dream is protecting pre-existing homes in established and historical neighborhoods. To do this, homeowners of low wealth need access to affordable repair opportunities.

Let's band together and help elderly and disabled neighbors stay in their homes.  No more abandoned homes!


New Directions Home Ownership Preservation strategies reduce energy costs, increase accessibility, and enhance exterior appearances to support both home owners and their neighbors. This helps low-income families maintain ownership and is a powerful support to neighborhood stabilization. Many caring partners: volunteers, donors, municipal leaders, small business owners, repair professionals, and neighborhood leaders, roll up their sleeves and make this strategy powerful. 

Our Home Ownership Preservation strategy leverages the skill and impact possible through over 25 high-quality repair vendors all locally owned businesses and the annual contributions of over 1,700 volunteers and generous donors.

Home Ownership Preservation Strategies

  • Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies: Smoketown/Shelby Park, California, Portland, and Midtown Neighborhoods

  • Shelby Park and Midtown Neighborhood Stabilization Programs

  • Smoketown and Shelby Park Housing Rehabilitation Program

  • New Albany Emergency Repair Program

  • Repair Affair: Louisville and Southern Indiana

  • New Albany Neighborhood Impact Program