Apartments for Rent

  • For market apartments, rent is not based on income.

  • Residents pay full market rent or utilize a Section 8 Certificate or Voucher.

  • Applications are accepted in person at 1000 East Liberty Street, Monday-Friday from 8:15 am until 3:45 pm.

  • Applicants should bring with them picture IDs, birth certificates, and social security cards for all those who will reside in the apartment.

  • Persons using Section 8 must have their lease papers at the time of application submission.

  • Some Properties are governed by Low Income Tax Credit requirements, wherein income guidelines may exist.

O’Connor Square Apartments

5809 Russett Place

(502) 589-2272

O’Connor Square Apartments are located in a quiet residential area in the suburbs on Louisville. There is a youth learning center on site that offers after school and summer programs.

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Historic Parkland Properties

New Directions owns and manages five multi-family living spaces in the historic Parkland neighborhood. Homes such as the one located at 2815 Virginia Avenue have been around for well over 100 years.   Parkland was one of Louisville's most prestigious neighborhoods, until devastated by a tornado in 1890.  Parkland has undergone several urban revitalization efforts and become a neighborhood of choice.

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Roosevelt Apartments

226 North 17th Street

(502) 589-2272

Roosevelt Apartments are located in the Portland neighborhood. The building was once an elementary school, and it now has been renovated in beautiful apartments. Residents have access to an onsite resident service coordinator. Boone Square Park is two blocks away. The Kroger grocery store is a little less than two miles away.

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For more information about Market Rent Apartments, please call: 502-589-2272