Opening doors.

A photo taken of a home

Real Estate Development

Turning buildings into homes.

Our Real Estate Development program’s goal is to increase and preserve affordable housing, primarily in Louisville’s West End neighborhoods from large multifamily apartment communities to single family homes.

We help rehab and sell vacant and abandoned properties to everyday working class people, many of whom may have never owned a home. We also partner with other nonprofits for greater impact and additional resources to produce more affordable housing. 

Metro United Way lists the need for affordable housing as the  #1 need of people seeking its assistance.  The Housing Needs Assessment commissioned by Louisville Metro Government in 2019 estimated 31,000 additional units of affordable housing are needed to meet the needs of the poorest in our community.  The cost of these additional units is $3.5 billion.

Building confidence home by home.


Beautification doesn’t end with landscaping.