Youth Learning Center

All young people have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society. However, not all children get the support they need to thrive. New Directions celebrates the talents of children who live in housing communities and their surrounding neighborhoods with on-site Learning Centers.

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In Louisville's Smoketown, Newburg, California, Shawnee, and Portland neighborhoods, volunteers help community children with homework and enrichment studies. An emphasis is placed on homework completion, reading, creative activities, and an overall learning experience.

All on-site Learning Centers are equipped with computer labs, called Neighborhood Network Centers, that provide new technologies to the seniors, children, and their families.


Neighborhood mentors and volunteers help kids complete homework every night.  Tens of thousands of hours of supervised study have already been accomplished, and summer programs ensure that our kids learn through field trips and daily study. Mentors are able to identify children at risk of academic failure, and solutions are positive, volunteer-enriched and proactive.  Youth Learning Centers bring academic mentorship to children where they need it most - at home. 

Public and private resources also enable New Directions to offer employment to residents through the Learning Center's Neighborhood Mentor staff position in Youth Services. 

For more information about Youth Learning Centers, 
please call (502) 589-2272.